The best henna experience bang for your buck.

Maybe you saw us at a party and had your first henna experience. Now you're hooked and want more! Private appointments are where the artist can really shine with her artistic skills and expertise while you get to relax knowing that you are receiving something specially created just for you. 

Photo Credit: Janna Tenney

Photo Credit: Janna Tenney

Perfect for:

  • Getting something special for yourself

  • Henna crowns

  • Gifting a session to someone

  • Trying out a potential tattoo idea

  • Learning more about henna

  • Personal self-expression

  • Making a statement at a special event

  • Collaborating on an art project

  • Preparing for date night

  • Trying out henna for the first time


Simple to Moderate Hand/Arm - $35+

Price depends on what client wants to get done. Please supply at least one photo of a desired design -- ideally also credited to original artist if possible -- with your inquiry for an estimate.

Maternity Henna - $65+

Henna for mother to be only (for belly blessing package, please visit Maternity Henna page); takes place either at artist’s home studio, or any private location in town only (please contact for further clarification). Includes a custom design, instructions for aftercare, and a complimentary handcrafted lotion bar aftercare balm to keep for post henna paste removal.

Henna Crowns - $85

For chemotherapy patients, medical clearance and/or approval is required from physician/oncologist in charge. A special batch of henna paste will be made specifically for this session, containing only pure and organic ingredients, and pure distilled lavender essential oil for your safety and comfort. 

Large Scale Body Henna - $85+

Please contact for further information.

I love that I have your art on my body as I lie here, happy to be back in my own bed in New Jersey...I loved meeting you..and I love the way this magic plant brings us all together!” - Catherine L.


Get a little something special for yourself today.