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If there's one thing us locals know how fo' do, it's pahtay! Henna makes a great party favor for yourself and your guests! Give them something that is both natural and beautiful, and will last 7 - 10 days after your event is over. #makingmemories 

From intimate private parties to large scale corporate soirées, Touch of Henna Hawai`i has done it all and is well prepared to make your event a naturally adorned special occasion! 

    2017 Bollywood Film Festival Opening Reception

    2017 Bollywood Film Festival Opening Reception

    Please be advised...

    Although our specially handmade henna paste is gentle and safe for children, we do not recommend applying henna on children under 6 years old for precautionary purposes. Ensuring our clients' safety and well-being is of our utmost concern. We appreciate your understanding.


    Rate: $100 per hour

    • Guests choose from a selection of simple to moderate complexity henna designs
    • Free private consultation
    • Preliminary design sketches (upon request)
    • Travel fee additional charge

    Host Henna: Varies - See Private Appointments

    Consider getting your henna done before your guests. Henna stains look best 36 - 48 hours after paste removal, and will make for a stunning conversation piece at your next event! Getting your henna done ahead of time not only frees up more time for you to make sure everything is going smoothly on the day of your party, but also allows your guests to learn firsthand from you proper henna aftercare, and what they have to look forward to in the coming days!

    Perfect for:

    • Yoga events
    • Graduation parties
    • Festivals & celebrations
    • Corporate events
    • Project Grad
    • Store anniversary promotions
    • Birthdays
    • Themed parties
    • Baby Showers
    • Christmas parties
    • Girls' Get Together
    • Potlucks


    “I wanted to thank you so much for providing your artistic talents to our project graduation. My daughter's top 3 things for the night was the smoothie bar, sundae bar, and her henna. Thank you again for providing such a memorable night for all of our graduates. Awesome job!”

    — Cynthia Y. 

    Everyone is still talking about your work!

    “Everyone is still talking about your work! I will definitely keep you in mind for any event we have.”

    — Rebecca N.



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