Congratulations on your sweet miracle! Embarking into motherhood is an amazing life - changing experience that is worth cherishing. Opting for a maternity henna session is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate both the mother and the new life soon to be brought into this world. A great complement to baby showers and mother blessings, Touch of Henna Hawai`i has had the honor of naturally adorning many expectant mothers and their closest friends this way on the island. 

For the safety and comfort of the expecting mother, Touch of Henna Hawai`i creates and uses a special handmade Pregnancy Blend henna paste created exclusively for the her in mind. Composed of organic natural Rajasthani grown henna powder and pure distilled lavender essential oil with only 0.33% camphor from Henna Lounge, our specialty Pregnancy Blend henna paste is both gentle and safe for children, pregnant women, and sensitive individuals. 

Touch of Henna Hawai`i's specially made henna paste in cones

Touch of Henna Hawai`i's specially made henna paste in cones


Service Includes:

  • Specially made Pregnancy Blend henna paste
  • Private consultation 
  • Preliminary sketch of desired design
  • Instructions for proper aftercare 

Rates - varies

Rates will vary depending on what the client is interested in getting done. For example, if only the expecting mother is getting henna, the session will be treated as a private session; however, if both the mother and the guests would like to get henna (e.g. baby shower, mother blessing), the session will be treated as a party henna service.

Touch of Henna Hawai`i aims to be accommodating and flexible with our clients' desires. Please contact us for further details and more information. Mahalo!

Please be advised...

Although our Pregnancy Blend henna paste is gentle and safe for children, we do not recommend applying henna on children under 6 years old for precautionary purposes. Ensuring our clients' safety and well-being is of our utmost concern. We appreciate your understanding.